5 Tips to charge your android battery faster

You are running out of time and you want to charge your android phone immediately? Well there is way to charge your phone faster than normal time. What else could be bad then dead battery? Read the tips on how you can get your android phone to charge faster.

Android Charging Tips

1. Use the Right plug and original charger

Plug your phone into the wall socket and make sure you use the charger that comes with your device nowadays charger are universal, if you are in a hurry avoid plugging your device to your laptop or PC this will surely slow down the speed of charging.

2. Activate Air Plane Mode

Now enable air plane mode to speed up the charging. Depending on your device there could be different ways to reach air plane mode. People who are using Nexus 5 : long press the power button and select air plane mode. Air plane mode blocks any wireless radios on your device, which does not allow you to receive any call, message or any other notification.

3. Turn you phone off

If you don’t need your phone you should turn off your phone for the faster charging. Obviously you will not receive any notification but you will be able to charge your mobile in less time.

4. Switch off unnecessary features

Switch off all the unnecessary features such as Bluetooth, GPS, WI-FI, NFC etc. close all the apps, this will stop any automatic backups or updating apps from Google play store. These tips might look small but consider them golden if you want to charge you’re mobile quickly.

5. Don’t Touch

Screen is the biggest battery drainer of all. Avoid checking for notifications and turning your device air plane mode to general again and again. Try all these tips and you will notice the difference.

These were tips and tricks, we think can faster the process of charging your Android phone or tablet device and can save you time when you’re in hurry or emergency. Do not forget to share your own experience in the comment section below, tips you’re using to make the charging faster. For more Android tips and Guides keep visiting.

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