Samsung has been always making an effort to create new wearables. The most popular being the Gear smartwatch that comes with a cellular connectivity and virtual reality handset. A very important news came flying to androidcentral that Samsung is about to launch a new Gear Smartwatchwith a round or circular pattern. It can be compared to that of Moto 360 which has a similar design along with the upcoming watch of LG.

With its innovativeness, Samsung has not only managed to develop the Gear VR, but also made it a SIM enabled Gear! No doubt Galaxy Note 4 will shock its users. We have not yet received any news about its launch, however it is forecasted that once the Note 4 comes in the market, the Gear will be soon on the wrist of the users!

No wonder Samsung had to come up with the idea of a round watch where Moto 360 and LG’s forthcoming circular smartwatch made the news. It appears to be like a traditional watch with the function of a smartwatch.

Is the watch powered by Android or Tizen wear? Well, even we don’t know. Keep an eye on androidcentral to get the latest news on all the upcoming gadgets.

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