The Best News Reader Apps for Android

Best Android News Reader Apps

Well it is good to remain in touch with the world and it is better if you know what is going around currently. There are many many ways to know what happened when you were away; the one which uses your Smartphones and tablets is the simplest. As you have your Android phone with you all the time so it is easy for you to know about current happenings in the world with the help of Android apps. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps which can deliver you the latest news based on your interests.

Below is the list of such apps which will help you to know world current affairs, Sports news, Business, celebrity gossips and much more you want to know about what’s going on in the world right on your Android using the both free and premium android news reader apps.

Feedly: Blogs, RSS News Reader

It has great speed and features which you will appreciate. Feedly content can also be viewed in title-only, list, or even Flipboard-style magazine views, making it one of the most customizable news readers you will ever use. Swiping up jumps quickly to the next page of headlines; once at the bottom, users are presented with a large checkmark for marking entries read with a single tap. This makes Feedly a great choice for those who like to quickly scan through hundreds of feeds at once. Content can be saved for later reading within Feedly, sent to Instapaper or Pocket, and shared via email or social networks.

Feedly users can still import OPML files from the website in order to sync saved feeds.

Google Play Newsstand

It is given birth by google. The interface of this app is fluid. You can swipe between the various functions to get to what you want to get to. You can access feeds and magazines individually or, in the case of news feeds, one big giant list of news. The design is lovely and moving around the app takes but a moment to get used to.If you’ve used the Google Magazine or Currents app, or any other RSS app, you have a pretty good idea of how this app actually works. You subscribe to feeds, get subscriptions to magazines, and read or view it.

Plus point is its interface is full of animations and transitions and it can download curated content from hundred of sources.

gReader Pro | Feedly | News

if you’re looking for an easy to setup RSS reader, that supports both tablets and smart phones alike, and has automatic Google Reader single sign on…grab this app, it’s free. The app has a nice visual interface. It also features widget options. It  has a simple and modern interface with the options to sort by newest, oldest, and feed. You’ll also see options for podcasts, recommendations and the plus sign to add more feeds if you desire . it also allows you to refresh your list.

The gReader app also has the options of saving articles for later offline reading, which is a bonus if you happen to be out of range and have some reading to catch up on.

Press (RSS Reader)

Press has one of the most beautiful interfaces available on Android. It’s a simple app, very easy to navigate, and very modern with its interface. It’s one of the few apps that has the courage to require a relatively modern Android phone or tablet; you have to be running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher if you want to download it.  It gives you new twists on RSS reading — like the ability to intelligently mark all articles below a certain point in a list as read — and managed to make text insanely readable, despite Android’s inconsistencies with typeface kits .

Press is an app that masters two worlds very artfully: it’s easy to use, and it still has the power to amuse you as you learn more about it. It is user friendly as well.

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard is a great way to read RSS feeds and connect with social networks, providing a magazine-style layout you can flip through with a swipe of your finger. My Magazines feature adds even more personal touch. When you are done reading, you can easily share an article of your choice with your friends.

Flipboard is available on any major platform, including iOS and windows 8.1.


Vu is an app that finds and organizes online articles that it thinks you’ll enjoy reading.Gestures are used to navigate through the menus. They’re confusing to begin with, but work quite well once you get used to them. You can discover articles from the trending tab, the recommended reading tab, or by browsing through various topics.At the end of each article, you can tell the app if you’re interested in the topics that were covered and whether you enjoyed reading the article or not. You don’t have to answer the questions that are asked at the end of the articles, but if you do, you’ll end up with better content.

Other than beautiful interface, Vu is quite similar to prismatic as they both aim to help you discover articles that you’ll like.

Circa News

Circa has an interesting take on how it presents the news to its users. Unlike most news sites and readers, which take articles written for the Web (or worse, print) and reformat them for mobile devices, its content is “born on mobile. If you are in hurry then it is your best choice. Circa is curate by its very own editors who produce easy and digestible stories.

This app is not RSS reader. Instead, it suggests headlines and topics you might be interested in


Pocket has a sleek design, offline coaching, and unparalleled compatibility across platforms and with other third-party apps.Pocket is a short-term bookmarking app that syncs across all of your devices. With it, you can put lengthy articles or videos away and queue them up for reading and watching later, no matter where you are.

It was known as read it later.

Do not forget add your own views in the comment section and share your favorite apps you think are the best for this category. For more Android Tips, Apps roundups and step-by-step guides keep visiting.

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