Best Recommended Apps For Rooted Android Phone or Tablet


Rooting your device helps your android phone a lot.with rooting you can enjoy access to data which is sealed by manufacturers. It helps you to increase battery timing of your phone. rooting can also influence overall performance and modify the appearance of the interface as well as provide better security for your files and folders.

Below you’ll find a list of 10 apps built with rooted Android phones and tablets with mind. We hope you will find them useful.

Root Checker

It checks whether your android device is rooted or not.


It grants and revokes access to all the apps on android device.SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. It might temporarily or completely unroot your phone in case of problem.

Root Explorer (File Manager)

When you need a good file manager, this is one app you’ll be grateful to have on your phone or tablet. you can uninstall applications which you don’t use and which eats up your device memory. Make sure you don’t delete essential files :p


If you’re rooted, Greenify will automatically hibernate apps you’re not using to ensure they’re not misbehaving in the background. it recognizes  the applications which eats up a lot of your battery and greenify automatically freezes those apps. It also can silently clean memory and close battery hogging apps in the background.

Wanam Xposed

This is one of the most recommended app for rooted android devices with xposed framework. It gives you endless of features to customize your phone and optimize its performance.


Basically, this app sits between your app and the proprietary graphics driver on your device and can manipulate the commands between the two. This app enables you to do pretty good things to increase the efficiency, battery life,performance,etc. you can use Cahainfire 3D to enable night mode, which basically only powers the red pixels on your device in order to save battery life.

Titanium Backup

it restore any app and its settings, including protected and system apps. it restore market links, so the market will continue updating restored apps. It moves apps to and from the sd card, along with their data .in short terms it is a must have app as it will create a complete backup  data stored in your phone.

System app remover

It is good looking app manager for rooted devices. It allows you to uninstall apps downloaded from Google play store as well as get rid of bloat ware your phone came with.

AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

AFWall+ is an application for rooted Android devices that allows you to easily create firewall rules based on differing network modes. You can easily set up simple rules based on when you’re connected to your WiFi network, 3G, or roaming, and these rules are by application, not universal. It also controls traffic while you are connected through VPN or LAN.

Font Installer

Some devices comes with weird fonts which does not fit android itself. If you want to replace that font with some suitable one you better try Font installer. This app allows you to install custom fonts with few taps on your android phone.

Battery Saver

Having insufficient battery life is a problem as old as Android. It is a powerful app designed to prolong your phone’s battery life. It automatically turn off certain features when you do not need them. And the best plus of this app is it does not slow down your processor.

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