How to Unlock the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5

These are the exact step-by-step instructions you need to learn and know in order to safely and successfully unlock your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5. Remember that this is not a free unlocking method, this will definitely unlock your phone and it is guaranteed. However, before you start unlocking your Galaxy S5 SM-G900A, there are certain terms and conditions your device needs to fulfill to be legible for unlocking.

Why Unlock your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 from Us?

  • No Carrier hassle, You can then easily switch SIM between GSM Networks.
  • Our Unlocking process is really faster. Usually, it takes between 1-2 Business days.
  • Simply get the unlock code via Email and No Rooting/Software/Cables required. Easily Unlock your phone in Home.
  • No risk of bricking your phone.
  • 100% working and money back guarantees. *Terms and conditions apply.

Requirements to Unlock your Phone:

  • IMEI of your phone. Just dial the *#06# and note down the 15 digits number.
  • OR go to Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI Number.


      • Make sure that your IMEI number is 100% correct. We will not refund for wrong IMEI and already Unlocked phones.
      • You’ll also not get the refund unless you clearly show us your phone in a video with the same IMEI you provided and unlock code being inputted and givings your error.
      • As we said earlier, We believe in quality and customer service, so our aims are always to unlock your phone as quickly as possible within the given time frame.

AT&T Galaxy S5 Unlock Code – Order Now

Unlock AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A

AT&T Galaxy S5 Unlock

Once you get the unlock code from us for your phone, follow the step-by-step instructions below to unlock your phone.

          1. Insert the non-accepted SIM card to your phone and turn it on.
          2. The phone will display you the SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN.
          3. Now enter the eight digits unlock code and tap the Unlock button.
          4. You should now see the NETWORK UNLOCK SUCCESSFUL message.
          5. Cheers!! Your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 is now successfully carrier unlocked.
          6. Enjoy and switching between other GSM networks.

That’s it, folks!! Do not forget to share your experience in the comment section below and share your feedback with other users.