How to Factory Reset of Samsung Galaxy S5

After using your Samsung Galaxy S5 for while and filling with a lot of data, you may experience errors or device might performs slowly. So its time to factory reset your galaxy s5 and wipe all the data and cache due to which your smartphone is not performing well. In this short and basic step by step guide we’ll learn how to factory reset/hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 using the built-in options.

How to Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Wipe All Data

Step 1: Open the Settings App.

Step 2: Scroll down and look for the “User and Backup”.

Step 3: Under the user and backup, tap on the “Backup and Reset”.

Step 4: In the next screen you’ll find the following options as shown in the image below:

Galaxy s5 factory reset

Step 5: “Backup my data” option will save the all your applications data on the Google servers, so after you reset your Galaxy S5, and it reboots, you’ll be asked.

The “Automatic Restore” option will restore the app data once you  reinstall the app from Google Play Store which will ultimately restore the the existing apps data from Google servers.

Step 6: So if you want your application data to be restored automatically, so make sure you’ve checked the the two options as explained above.

Step 7: Finally tap on the “Factory data reset” to confirm action, enter the alternative password.

All data will be erased from device memory, including your Google account, system and application data, settings, and downloaded applications such as:

  • Music
  • Photos
  • Other user data
  • The decryption key for files on the SD card

Step 8: Finally your phone will automatically reboots.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Using Stock/Custom Recovery

Step 1: First of all, Turn off your galaxy s5.

Step 2: Now hit the Volume Up+Home and Power buttons simultaneously for a while and wait for the recovery menu to appear on your screen.

Step 3: Withing the recovery mode, use the Volume Up/Down key to navigate between the options and Power button to select the desire option.

Step 4: From the recovery options menu, select the ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm it.

Step 5: Finally wait for a while, it wipe data and factory reset your galaxy s5. Once done, reboot your phone.

That’s it folks, It was a simple and basic guide on how to reset your galaxy s5 and wipe all data. Do let us know and share your feedback in the comment section below. For more tutorials and android tips and tricks keep visiting.

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  1. But does step 5 (backup) also back up the decryption key for files on the SD card? If not, how might an individual attempting to balance security go about that, for the future case where worse comes to worst?

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