Best SMS text messaging replacement apps for Android 2015

Android OS is in global use as an operating system in smartphones and other tablet devices. With the advent of a new era, communication has taken a leap forward in terms of people interacting to each other. Internet, on the other hand, has made global interactions more feasible and faster. SMS has been one of the most integral feature of mobile phone technology and therefore is given more attention. However, there are many alternatives of SMS texting apps for android we can use to withstand mainstream SMS interactions with faster and more interactive options. These applications are easily available and user friendly at the same time.


Google Hangouts

The fantastic Google, as it has been doing for decades now, launches the Google hangout application which allows the user to send audio, video and written messages in an instant. Its more enchanting feature supports texting. Overall it is a complete package and can replace text messaging.

Get it from Google Play Store – Hangouts

Sliding Messaging

Diversity comes with the time and resources. Sliding message is one of those diverse SMS replacements app for android that can give you whatever you have imagined for a smooth conversation. It allows you to change background colors, font sizes and colors and themes of the message conversation. It also gives you the freedom to reply, call or mark as read message as soon as the pop up message appears. If you have been looking for the finest replacement of SMS app, this is it.

Get it from Google Play Store – Sliding Messaging Pro


It is a more advanced form of the already provided vanilla Android stock messaging. Android provides its customers with comfortable and user friendly interface. They have made sure that the feature doesn’t disturb you when you are doing work. So a pop up message comes up immediately after.

Get it from Google Play Store – 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat)

Chomp SMS

In the world of the theft and forgery, security risks are at their peaks especially with the rapid growth of technology and the fast growing users. Chomp sms, frees you from all the headaches of this kind. It can ensure protection of your private conversation and makes a backup copy of your data as well. Moreover, you can customize your way, the wallpapers, ringtones, themes, font colors and sizes all in one little application.

Get it from Google Play Store – chomp SMS

Handcent SMS

Among the most popularly used SMS texting app, handsent sms provides you with innovation and collective interactions. It gives you the freedom to talk in groups, checks spellings for you and has the ability to share files as well. If you have been sick of getting the wrong calls, Handcent can easily stop those numbers from reaching you as it contains the built in block feature. Task scheduling and sending online messages to different mobiles is a feature people long for.

Get it from Google Play Store – Handcent SMS

As a last thought, I feel there is still a lot of room left in terms of text messaging. There are going to tremendous innovations in the years to come. As for now, these SMS replacements apps are good enough and feasible as well to guarantee faster communication. Do let us know and share your experience, what are your favorite SMS apps for Android and start the discussion.

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