Best Video Player Apps for Android 2015

The mode of communication has diversified over the years. In the old days, people used to get a lot of the literature they read. However with the dawn of new media there has been an increase in the popularity of videos. Whether you are celebrating the birthday of you loved ones, or you want to spend your weekend watching a movie, you can see it all record it all in your smart phones with Android as its operating system. Video players are an essential commodity in a smart phone and therefore Android, as ever, provides you with a variety of different video players. Let’s have a look at what options do we have for playing a video with Android. So here comes our list of best video player you can download for your Android Smartphone and Tablet device from Google Play Store.

Please note that if you were looking for downloader instead of Players then you can find a number of best video downloaders for Android.

Best Video Player Apps for Android

MX Player

The most common problem you may encounter is whether the video format supported by the video player or not. MX player relieves you from this worry, and gives you the freedom of playing the videos of your choice. It also provides you with subtitles, pinch the screen to zoom in and control the playback.

Archos Video Player

This video player is among the best in terms of looks. You can make a list of your favorite videos. It supports major forms of video formats. It can give you the posters and information of your desired media. SMB- and UnPnP-enabled server files can also be imported through AVP.

Wondershare Player

A sober interface and uninterrupted online streaming are some of the features of the Wondershare Player. YouTube, ESPN, and Vimeo and many other sites are just a click away, you can search videos through key words and can be a great search tool in this regard.

Dice Player

When it comes to diversity and network support, dice player is your deal. So if you are doing some work, you can always play the music the video in the playback. FTP, HTTP, and WebDAV are all supported by the dice player. Multiple audio tracks and all the subtitles are supported by this video player.

VLC for Android Beta

VLC as we all know is the most popularly used media and is the most powerful application used all around in the world may it be tablet computer or any other smart phones. Android, makes sure you don’t get left behind in this case as well.

VLC provides you with a built in library, we can also change a track, increase or decrease the volume through mere gestures. However, the low point is that it is still just at the beta stage for Android, so there may be many other discrepancies. However, there are going to be marked improvements in VLC in the years to come.


In terms of efficiency and supportive android players, VPlayer tops the list. It consumes less battery power, and supports all formats including MKV, FLV, MOV, and AVI. The new trend of streaming over the internet is also supported by the VPlayer. Both the files that are played in the device memory and the internet are supported by this vide player.

These were the best video player we think are best for your Android. Do not forget to share your views and let us know, which one is your best player for Android. Your views and comments are valuable and feel free to share them. For more Android Apps roundup keep visiting.

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