How to Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger for Tablets

We have so many time discussed why WhatsApp is one of the best messenger apps for Android smartphones, but unfortunately officially WhatsApp is not compatible for tablet devices such as Google Nexus 10, 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3 and so many other tablets devices are there from Sony, LG.

Today, I will guide you using the step by step tutorial on how you can easily download and install WhatsApp messenger on your Android Tablet device.

This method is 100% working and safe and above all root access is not required. So here is how we do it:

Install WhatsApp on Tablet

Procedure: Install WhatsApp Messenger on Any Android Tablet device?

Here is the step-by-step method to download and install WhatsApp messenger for tablets:

  1. First of all download the latest version WhatsApp apk.
  2. After downloading transfer the WhatsApp.apk file to your internal storage/sd card.
  3. Once it the apk file has successfully been transferred to your tablet device, Go to Android Settings App> Security.
  4. Next, Check the box which says “Unknown Sources” under the device administrators tab.
  5. Now navigate to the directory where you’ve placed apk file, tap on it and it will run the setup process.
  6. Congrats!! WhatsApp has successfully been installed on your tablet.

That’s it folks, it was a basic tutorial on how to install WhatsApp on android tablet, Hopefully, it worked on your device. Do let us know and share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Ok, when app asks for a phone number to verify and we do and get a message from whatsapp on our phone, then what? The app does not open on the tablet. How does one open the app on the tablet, because the app just takes u to the screen where it just asks for the phone verification as before?

      • Imran, you are not understanding the problem ‘man’. His device of choice for installation is an android tablet and not an android phone. The SMS device could be received on his phone, but what is required is a method of inputting that received SMS code into the tablet. Whatsapp only provides an SMS or voice call service and you need to clarify how this code could be inputted on his tablet device.

  2. I tried 7 numbers very time the same thing , couldn’t send SMS then couldn’t call and wait for 59 mins. I got the numbers from apps like text plus magic jack and else. This is frustrated . plz help if there is any way!

  3. I installed this but cant accept terms and conditions as it says not compatible with tabs..I installed it for samsung galaxy tab 3..what should I do now?

    • Kindly Download Mobogenie and install Once complete open your Mobogenie App (Same Like Store) and download whatsapp messenger. This will work 1000% Inn Sha Allah.

  4. Thank you so much, I joined! I just have question: will I be charged for the data usage of my phone? The number I used is not a smart phone.

  5. It installed without a hitch. First when Whatsapp request cell # called my cell, but at first did not open to enter “verification number”, then second time, I get a call with the verification # and it opened in my tablet (4.2.1). It worked fine until I used my cell and request verification again with a statement ” WhatsApp can only be installed on one device per phone number”….so I either use it in my cell with it will be 99% of the time or the tablet. So I will stay with the cell until another way appears….thanks for all the hints!

  6. Hi
    I want to use Whatsapp on my son’s Samsung galaxy tablet but I currently have the app on my mobile phone. If I get a spare SIM card with a different number on it and use that number on the tablet would it work without being charged?

  7. why can’t the backup and restore steps are used? I kept getting my tab 3 auto shut down. Hopefully the above steps work as I really need to use Whatsapp for my business. My new gadget is not compatible with what’s app in the market right now.

  8. Hi, my tablet model no – penta WS 707c. Not work whatsapp. I download whatsapp.apk. and installed on my tab. When try to open 1. Loading setting , after 2. Application not registered. Then wait 60 second then 3. We’re sorry, the requested URL WAS not found on this server. What I can? Please help me…..

  9. Would have been nice to emphasize the WHATSAPP limitation of 1 phone to an install limitation. installed and operated in the ASUS TAB 7 in but now I need to revive the install on my smartphone. “1 install to a given cell phone number”

  10. Thanks! It worked great on my note 10.1 tablet, but did have to do audio confirmation, where they called my phone and told me the code to type in because the texted code wouldnt work.

  11. Hi, dear Tausif Aram – Assalam walekum. Great. Your method of installing watsapp on my Samsung tab worked wonderfully. Thanks

  12. Thank you so much my new samsung galaxy tab 3 was saying not compatible when i tried downloading it from play store but as soon as i followed the steps suggested by you it downloaded without any problems.thank u once again

  13. Easier than I thought………….. I downloaded the file via my pc onto a MicroSD card, put the card into my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and it installed without a problem.

  14. Waow! This procedure worked perfectly for me (100%). I didn’t face any challenge at allinstalling it.
    Your information is really helpful to users.

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