Stuck in Android Bootloop? Here is How to Fix it

You probably would be desperate and worried about your Android phone or tablet, because of the bootloop error you’ve got on your device, You’ll face these common errors, if you’re an advanced Android user, advance in that sense, like Rooting, Installing Custom ROMs, Kernels and other Mods.

If you’re stuck in Bootloop! Then there is no need to worried about this issue, as these sorts of errors can be easily fixed. Bootloop errors can occur on both Rooted and Stock Android Phones and Tablets, and therefore both have slightly different solutions to fix the errors, in our step by step instructions tutorial, we will first try show you, How you can Fix Or Recover Android Boot Loop On Stock and then Rooted Device.

Steps to fix boot loop issues on stock Android

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fix any Android device stuck on the boot loop screen. I have written a general and detailed guide that applies to all Android phones including Samsung Galaxy (S7, S6 Edge, S5, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3) LG (G5, G4, G3, LG V20) Google Pixel and Nexus and all HTC phones.

Step 1: First of all, remove the battery from your phone or tablet and wait for almost 2 to 3 minutes. What if your device does not have a removable battery? Well, then you can power off it for almost 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Now you need to boot into Stock Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up+Home+Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds until you see the Android Recovery menu on your screen.

Step 3: You’ll be using the Volume Up/Down to switch between different options and Power button to select your desired option.

Step 4: Now select the Wipe data/Factory Reset option and confirm it.

Step 5: Additionally, also take the following actions:

– Wipe cache partition
– Go to Advance and Wipe Dalvik cache

6. Now Go back to the main Recovery menu and Select the option Reboot System Now to Reboot your phone.

Hopefully, once your phone reboots, you should have successfully got recovered from Bootloop. If you have got Root Access and Installed Custom Recovery (ClockworkMod or TWRP), then follow the below instructions.

Steps to fix boot loop issues on Rooted Android

If your phone is already rooted, you can try out the the instructions below to get rid of boot loop.

Step 1: Just like before, as we stated earlier, remove the Battery from your device or if it is not removable then keep your device turned off for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Reboot your phone or tablet into Custom Recovery Mode. (Step are same as we have instructed you in the above instructions)

Step 3: Next, take the following steps using the Recovery Options:

– Wipe data/Factory reset
– Wipe cache partition
– Go to Advance and Wipe Dalvik cache

Step 4: Head over to the main menu and Reboot your phone using the option Reboot phone using the Recovery Option.

That’s if folks, It was again, an easy tutorial, showing you, How to get rid or Recovered from the Bootloop on your stock and rooted Android. Do let us know in the comment section, how things went for you on the other side if you do need further support let us know.

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  1. I still found my vandroid S5 keep starting all day long..

    and when I tried to flash it, it wont work any how.
    It seemed to load but than failed after the phone is start by it self. what a mess

  2. There are only 4 options to choose from my phone! You @)$&&@@&&! Liar! Theres no delvik something! This just waste my time reading your f@&&$&&! stupid words!! Get lost!

  3. i have a rooted samsung gt n7000. i foollowed the steps mentioned but still cant get out of recovery mode. plz help.

  4. i tried to follow your instruction but i doesn’t work

    my android is rooted but i down install custom recovery or TWRP

    can i still fix this?

    • I have a Google Nexus 5x and nothing worked. Fortunately, a Google rep told me to send the phone back and they would send a referb. The referb looked new.

  5. How to turn it off? my device is non removable battery. Ive tried the power button + UP Volume but nothings happen .

  6. Hi i have a Samsung sch-s720c phone (straight talk) and when i try to turn it on the Samsung logo appears and stays on for a couple of seconds and then goes off then comes back on and i cant turn it off unless i take my battery out. Can any body help me please?

  7. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace gt-s5830i. It isn’t rooted and is running Android Gingerbread 2.3.6. When I turn the phone on, it shows the first screen, then goes into the samsung logo animation, and then shows the samsung logo. After this it goes straight back into the animation and then logo. I have tried resetting it and taking the battery out etc but NOTHING works 🙁 please help

    • You should try flashing the stock firmware. Search on our blog for “How to Flash Firmware using Odin for Samsung Devices” and you’ll get the step-by-step guide.

  8. I would do this but I didn’t back up any of my stuff plus I don’t remember my gmail account or password and I’ve played clash of clans for like a year and I don’t want to loss any of my progress someone please help!!!!!!!!!

  9. i rooted my phone installed cwm rom and factory resetted it….. my phone does not reboot…instead it goes on looping in reboot screen and restarts again…. cant fix this by pressing vol up+vol dwn+power key…… it does not give time to select factory or other mode

  10. my phone shows a dead screen./…
    no stock recovery mode cwm recovery mode or anything… not switching on can somebody help meeee….
    my device is XPERA L

  11. would it beee a hardware problem..
    but when pressing vol down button and connecting usb it shows a green light as in flashmod but it soon goes and tried flashing….
    could someone help

  12. Well, I have a rooted LG Optimus G pro that is stuck in bootloop. I rooted it 2 months ago an totally customized the phone down to the boot animation. Recently approx 2 days ago, I downloaded an app for some extra fonts. This app requires you to reboot when you make a font change. When I rebooted the phone for the new font to take effect, It never came back. Boot Loop! I remember getting into recovery mode when I rooted the phone, but now I cant seem to get there. I tried a Hard reset Volume down and power button, but after the reset the result was the same….boot loop. Why do I not have a recovery mode now? Is my phone gone for good? I do not have ClockworkWork Mod or TWRP. I have Stock LG Rom. So, now what do I do?

    • Same thing happened to me yesterday on rooted lg g pro with that bs font app. That tech solution with the buttons was a bust. Still at ground zero. I will try the odin. Hopefully it works using a mac since I don’t use pc

  13. accidentally changed system folder permissions to 644, CWM not installed on the tablet, adb shell is not accessible, bootloop is because of no execute permission in system folder, any work around?

  14. Here’s what I did :
    Firstly, I kept my two most important files : Carbon nightly, and GAPPS.
    Secondly, I wiped all my cache, partition and dalvik.
    Thirdly, I went to ‘Mounts and Strorage’, from there I selected ‘format/data’ and ‘format/cache’ options.
    ^This wipes your whole phone including personal data, making it appear like new. (internally).
    Next, I re-installed my carbon ROM and my GAPPS.
    After it was completed for me, I wasn’t stuck on bootloop any more 😀

  15. i have a nextbook 8 8.1 windows NXW8QC16G

    Someone wanted to buy so went to do reset and I got BSOD. Attempted a couple of the options no go. Now it is stuck on Boot loop.

    nextbook preparing automatic repair > Diagnosing your PC >

    then continues to loop.

    Is there something I can do to fix? can someone please help me

  16. I have a HP 7 plus that is stuck bootlooping. This happened because Windows was installing ADB drivers and it crashed. Now it is bootlooping. Can not press power and up or down to reach recovery. Also, can’t remove the battery. Any suggestions?

  17. I have a straight talk s4 and its stock on tracfone logo after intalling the logo changer on it and tryed factory ressetting it and wipe cache and still wont work help plz! Does any body know how to fix?

  18. My phone goes into system recovery and I can’t select anything because the power button is broken and I thought maybe if I take the battery out and put it back it would get fix but it always goes back to the system recovery and I can’t select anything.

  19. I already have a new phone, the only reason I’m trying to fix my phone is because I’m trying to get to it’s internal memory to recover some pictures. It doesn’t show up on my computer when I plug it in with the USB cable, is there any way to access the phone’s memory without doing a factory reset?

  20. hey. i rooted my galaxy y duos s6102 and installed a custom rom. after installing the custom rom, my power button stopped working and my phone started restarting itself. I installed the stock rom using odin but the problem still persists. If you can help me out. thanks

  21. i have tried to restore in recovey mode reset cache and all the rest with my android ics amicroe tt s I rooted my device but did no flash any custom roms. I was trying to download new framework rebooted and now in bootloop plz help

  22. Hi, i followed instructions here and seems doesn’t work , im using samsung S2 vodafone GT-I9100T in a rooted condition and i want to unroot it but i cant as it stucks in bootloop , i repeated steps here for dozens time but oh no it cant be turned on

    i dont install custom recovery.

  23. my phone is stuck in a boot loop and ive been trying the volume up and power button all day and i even switched to the volume down but nothing brings up the option to factory reset or clear cache.

    • Same here … Same here… Ive tried to get into recovery mode with no success. Even download mode wont get up no more. Just fastboot. I have tried every single command with ADB and no success. I have this .APP file in my internal memory and I CANT GET IT OUT! I cant even get into internal memory.. What shall I do???

  24. Hey guys! I have a Huawei Ascend G7-L01. I have a bootloop and I cant get into RECOVERY MODE or DOWNLOAD MODE. Safe mode also wont work. I can get to fastboot only. And ive tried ADB and some few things. I dont have custom recovery either. I cant access Internal memory to backup files also :/ Ive tried to update my rom with ADB or to get a stock ROM. No success. What do I need to do to get it work? Please send help . I need to apply cold water to burned area fast XD

  25. I’ve tried wiping but get a “Falied to map file ‘/data/media/0/’
    Error installing zip file ‘data/media/0/’ This is on a Huawei Ascend Mate 2 rooted with Team Win Recovery Project. Any suggestions?

  26. I have an Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL. It said it needed to update but after the optimizing apps completed it would just freeze. i followed thee instructions as stated,but now it gets to the Metro PCS screen and freezes.

      • Call Alcatel they sent out a corrupt update that fried the XL they sent me a shipping label I sent them my old phone and they sent me a brand new fierce 4

        • hey michael, i am having the same problem right now, how do i contact them, and is the alcatel 4 better than firce xl? this problem happened to me last night. and if the phone they gave you is any good. please tell me how to get incontact with them. i really cant afford to buy a new phone

  27. I had the bootloop error when my phone heats up(for reason I dont know)…then I after removing battery and getting into the phone finally..I did a backup and reset. After that I still encounter the error one more time. but this time after getting into the phone, finally it just work for 2 days staright. I dont know how to trigger this bootloop again. I am stuck because I have only days before warranty expires and I am afraid this might happen again. Should I just return this phone now or take a chance?

    • Like he said, leave it off from a while. I turned mine off for a few days. Make sure that if the up volume button doesn’t work, try the power+down volume key, too.

  28. Thanks. I didn’t know the key combo to get into the Recovery menu. My phone does not have a physical Home key, but pressing the other two (Vol + and Power) worked. I had to reset to factory default, but with a lot of apps on an internal SD card, I didn’t have much work to do to get back to my old state.

  29. Hi, I’ve got a motorola moto e, I think. I tried your directions and it didn’t work. Scrolling through comments, someone mentioned that you should also try the down volume key. I did this and it worked, but I had no idea what to do after that. I clicked the power button again after scrolling to the recovery mode thing. Apparently this was wrong because it started looping again AND it won’t let me pull up the menu again. HELP?!

  30. Not sure if you’re still answering questions, or even if my issue is what you’re talking about, but I have a stock HTC phone that was updated a couple weeks ago that has started powering off randomly. It did it today, and got stuck in a loop:Power screen, then “loading android apps” screen, then back to power screen, etc. for nearly 2 hours until the battery died. It doesn’t have a removable battery, and pressing/holding the power button did nothing to interrupt the process. It powered up while on charge, but what can I do if it does it again?

  31. lgms323… boot loop . if i hold volume down + power it brings me to a factory reset screen. then i can get it to boot following the menus. but if my phone restarts for any reason it goes back to boot loop

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