How to Delete WhatsApp Voice Messages on Android

WhatsApp is a quite popular Messenger App for Android Smartphones, if you remember, they recently added a number feature, which is push to talk voice messages, which enables you to send voice messages to your family and friend circles.

The feature is very and useful, it’s much better than the traditional way of text messaging, this will save time and also using this you’ll be able to convey your message effectively, and on the other hand, the receiver will be able to understand your feelings 😛 the way you want them.

However, here also comes the privacy problem, actually your sent voice messages are recorded and kept on your phone storage memory and probably you may not want to be aware the previous conversation you had with your loved one or someone. To do that, you’ve to get rid of the previous voice conversations by deleting them, or you can also password protect them, but sometimes even password can be cracked. So the best option is to delete. Follow the instructions if you want to remove the WhatsApp voice messages on your Android phone.

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Voice Messages on Android

Note – You may tried before deleting the previous conversations by this method, by tapping and holding on the Received/Sent and then delete, you’re actually deleting it from the conversation menu and in reality are still stored on your phone. Follow the steps to completely delete the voice messages:

  • On your phone, head over to File Manager.
  • Then scroll down to Media tab.
  • There you should find the WhatsApp voice notes, tap it and you should find all the sent/received messages there.
  • Now you delete all or you can also delete the individual message by taping and holding the particular audio conversation and you should get a popup asking you delete it with some other options like copy, share, rename and so on. Do whatever you want to do with these messages.

That’s it folks, all you need to know to delete WhatsApp voice conversations on your Android Phone completely. For More Tips and Tricks, do not forget to visit us back.

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