Download 5 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Android

Live Wallpapers obviously do add more realistic value to Android devices, they are beauty of your home screen, they do add live to your phone. I myself do love to have Live Wallpapers on my Android Phone, I love the realistic views on home screen. There are plenty of Live Wallpapers available on Android Market and Google Play Store. This time, I have only collected a few, just 5 live wallpapers, which are absolutely available for free. Hopefully you’ll love our collection and next time, when you visit, we’ll then have a proper category for Live Wallpapers, which will include Live Wallpapers on category basis, both premium and free.

1.Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

Morning time is the best time of the day, I myself really love to wakeup at early morning, the fresh air at morning, the beautiful sounds of birds and so on, makes you feel happy. This live wallpaper is Fantastic, Great quality of graphics and the cool Birds, rainbow and sunrise with good day greetings awesome combination stunning wallpaper which actually puts you in a happy mood when you look at your phone home screen. You can download it for free from Google Play Store via the below download link.

Sun Rise Free Android Live Wallpaper

Get it on Google Play – Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

2.Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper

ThunderStorm is another realistic Live Wallpaper for Android with awesome nice graphics and fantastic to have stormy and windy realistic enviroment background on your home screen. This app is truly fun and so realistic. The live movements are so beautiful and wallpaper for a rainy day at the city. And the best part of this live wallpaper there is no Air push ads.

Thunderstorm Live Theme for Android

Get it on Google Play – Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper

3. Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

Anther gorgeous and beautiful live background wallpaper, delightful colours & calming effect and Great graphics makes it more delightful. Its soothing cool and mind relaxing, Fish move about and its beautiful and if you click the wallpaper food comes down for the fish and the swim up to eat. The good think in this app it doesn’t run out the battery as compare to other. Perfect Wallpaper to have Aquarium on your Android Home Screen, Hopefully you’ll love it and give it a try on your device by downloading it via the download link below.

Live Aquarium Wallpaper for Android

Get it on Google Play – Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

4. LiveWallpaper from Gingerbread

The best, classic and most simple in-motion live wallpaper for your phone. It was officially released with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Nexus S. Hopefully you’ll like it.

Gingerbreak Theme Android Live Wallpaper

Get it on Google Play – LiveWallpaper from Gingerbread

5. Galaxy S4 Leaf Live Wallpaper

The Galaxy S4 Leaf  live wallpaper is truly and amazing and outstanding sharp and impressive with realistic graphics view, awesome effects and backgrounds. It can be customized using the settings, You can have up to 3 different backgrounds using the customization feature. It is available for free, but then you’ll have to bear advertisements.

Galaxy S4 Stock Leave Live Wallpaper

Get it on Google Play – Galaxy S4 Leaf Live Wallpaper

At the end, Let us know in the comment section and share your experience with us, What are your favourite Live Wallpapers for Android?

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