How to Backup and Restore EFS Data/IMEI on any Samsung Android Phone

EFS stands for Encrypting File System, which is really important part of networking and communication for Android Smartphones, It also contains your device IMEI data. When installing the Custom ROMs, it is always recommended to backup EFS Data, because these are the places, where you might loose this data and when  you lose it, it means you may no longer be able to use your smartphone for communication, ultimately which becomes just a multimedia toy!! Therefore if you’re an advance Android user, then you’ve to learn, How to Backup EFS Folder on your Samsung device.

Today, I will guide you, using the step by step instructions, How to Backup and Restore EFS from any Android Samsung Device using the EFS Professional tool. There are also many other methods and Tools which lets you perform the same task but in this tutorial we’ll be using the EFS Professional, which is developed by a recognized xda developer.

Guidelines and Requirements:-

1. Make sure you’ve already got Root Access on your Samsung Android Phone.

2. This EFS Backup tool is only for Samsung devices, do not try it on another device.

3. You’ll have to Enable USB Debugging on your Phone or Tablet.

4. Also another important point, You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

5. Samsung Kies or USB Drivers must be installed on your PC.

6. Last but not the leas, this tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

How to Backup and Restore EFS Data on any Samsung Android Phone or Tablet Using the EFS Professional

1. First of all, Download the EFS Professional v2.0 on your PC.

2. Now Connect your Samsung Phone or Tablet to PC via the USB Cable.

3. Then extract the EFS Professional folder on your desktop and Run the EFS Professional.exe

4. Next, Click on EFS Professional:

EFS Pro Tool

5. You should now see a new window, which will scan your device, i.e Root Status, SU Binary Version, Busy Box Status.

Backup EFS Data Using the EFS Professional

6. Now head over to Backup tab and just have glance at the Device Filter and make sure your phone is selected, Mine Galaxy S4 as you can see in the image below:

EFS Professional Tutorial

7. It will now show you the device partitions and check Select All, and hit the Backup button.

8. Now just wait and when it completes, you’ll be notified. Backup will be saved to PC as well as the phone memory.

Restoring EFS Data on Samsung Android Phones or Tablets:-

Restoring EFS Data Process is almost similar and easier.

1. Connect your Phone to PC.

2. Run the EFS Professional

3. Head over to Restore tab and Click on Restore Tab, Here you’re also given the option to format the corrupt EFS data first.

That’s it folks, It was again an easy tutorial and hopefully you’ve now learned, How to take EFS Data Backup on Samsung Phones or Tablets. If you do have any queries, confused at any step and need further support, do let us in the comment section and we’ll try our best to respond as quickly as possible. You can also learn more about the EFS Professional @ the official XDA thread. For More Android Guides and Tutorials stay tuned to Android Central.


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