Top 5 Best Free Weather Forecast Apps for Android

Looking for free and best android Weather apps? We have gathered and reviewed a number of weather apps and at last we’ve come up with the final list of the most popular android weather app that you may like and love to have on your Android to get daily weather forecasts summary right on your Android. Note That our Top 5 android weather apps 2015 list is based on a user’s ratings and reviews from the users who have already used these apps.You may have your own choice. but in our list these are most wanted and downloaded android weather apps that we think are the best.

Best Free Weather Forecast Apps for Android in 2015

1. Accu Weather

Accu Weather is a very well known website and is almost the best weather forecasting Website on the internet, which shows worldwide forecasts summary. The Accu Weather app is the #1 Weather Forecast App for Android devices. The  new Accu Weather app is more different from old apps that we use, they recently have added a number of features to their apps. If you are already users of Accu Weather so recently Accu Weather is updated. The new feature offers the same Superior accuracy and great experience with every 15 mint weather updates information about humidity, wind speed, and times for the sunrise and sunset, you can download from Google play store.

Get it on Google Play – Accu Weather

2. Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather App for Android is the last one on our top 5 list of Weather Apps for Android Phones and Tablets. Well Yahoo is a very well known search engine, now just let’s talk about Yahoo’s Weather App, it is just awesome, user-friendly and fairly accurate and highly acclaimed well-designed all essential weather information data summary and easy navigation with beautiful photos that match your location. With full detailed weather information, including 10 day and 24 hour temperature forecasts.

Get it on Google Play – Yahoo! Weather

3. WeatherBug

WeatherBug an easy to use App and also great app to have with instant access to forecasts, humidity, wind speed from your android smartphone home screen.  World’s largest network of real-time weather and lightning sensors for the best forecasts. Great forecast app to have Accurate and improved graphics and full of  useful data make this app to rank in our top 5 android weather apps list. You can get this App from Google Play Store for Free at the  given below link.

Get it on Google Play – WeatherBug

4. The Weather Channel

Another Great Weather app to have on your Android, With nice, simple and accurate forecasts, simple to use & looks smart, sophisticated app with multi city support and customization status bar and great transparency graphics make it one of the best weather android smartphone app. Use this app to get aware of the weather situations in your favorite part of the world. The App is available for free on Google Store. You can download from Google play store using the below download link.

Get it on Google Play – The Weather Channel

5. Eye in Sky Weather

Eye In Sky this apps like no other, looks great simple, Amazing easy to use, Great widget I personally like This app is simple, pretty and reports you accurate and  useful  information about weather in your city, The apps features customizable home screen widgets and much more. There is the free version of the App which also includes Advertisements, in order to have ads free app, you can then buy the pro version which is also available on Play Store. You can download the free version from Google play store via the below download link.

Get it on Google Play – Eye in Sky Weather

For more Apps reviews, do not forget to visit us again. Let us know in the comment section, What are your favorite weather apps for Android?

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