How to Root AT&T Galaxy S4 SHG-I337 (OTA MF3)

I know you probably would have been looking for AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 Root, which was recently blocked by AT&T in order to stop its users from making changes to its default settings and OS. But thanks to the XDA Community, who are always looking for such exploits to let its users do the impossibles. I myself was really anxious and curious about the Root of AT&T Galaxy S4, Because many of my readers were requesting about the tutorial, so your wait is now over, and you can easily root your Galaxy S4 SGH-I337.

Before we move on further, there are some guidelines and notes that you should know, if your device is really compatible for this root or not!!

  • This tutorial is only for Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 running Firmware UCUAMF3.
  • You’ll need a Micro SD Card.
  • Download and Install Terminal Emulator App from Google Play.
  • Download the Root_for_ATTSG4_FM3.rar.
  • This will work on Windows, and I don’t know about the Linux or Mac, so make sure, you try this on Windows platform.
  • If you really don’t know, what are you doing, it is recommended that you should not go further.

How to Root AT&T Galaxy S4 SHG-I337

Once you’ve downloaded all the required files, and understood that your device is compatible for Root, You’re ready Root your AT&T Galaxy S4.

1. First of all you need to format your SD Card using exFAT format, not NTFS or FAT32 using your Windows PC. How to do it? Here it is:

  • Connect your SD Card to your Windows PC using the Card Reader.
  • Now Right Click on the SD Card Disk in My Computer.
  • And Choose to Format and select the file system as exFAT not NTFS or FAT32. That’s it.

2. Now you need to extract the zip file or root package you’ve downloaded earlier. Now copy the extracted files to your SD Card.

3. Once you copy all the files to your Micro Sd Card, now open the Terminal Emulator App.

4. Now in the Terminal Emulator App type the following commands one by one:

cd /mnt/extSdCard

5. That’s it folks, By now You should have successfully rooted your AT&T Galaxy S4. Now you can open SuperSU App and check if everything really does works.

6. You can also Install the ‘Root Checker‘ App from Google Play and Verify Root Access, on your AT&T Galaxy S4.

AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 Root Tutorial
Galaxy S4 SGH-I337

At last I really thankful and grateful to XDA member, Jortex, for this root exploit, without his work, it was not possible. Hoping that the tutorial did work for you, without any errors, in case you still have any errors or confused at any step, let us know in the comment section.


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  1. Thanks worked great!!! Do you know of a way to get CWM or TWRP working? I can’t flash a new rom until I get a new recovery on my phone. I have the sgh-i337 OTA MF3 model

    • Same here. I tried this and it is giving me the same problems. I think AT&T with Samsung has put updates in our phones to make sure we do not root. DO NOT EVER BUY PHONES FROM AT&T

  2. Wow I thought my suffering has ended but my phone sgh-i337 is running firmware UCUFMLD. Please if you get something for this any moment I will thank you forever. I was rooted for my previous 4.2 2 but Kitkat 4.4.2 killed me. Thanks

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