How to Enable Lock Screen Pattern Password on Galaxy S4

Enabling Lock Screen Pattern Password on your Android Phone or Tablet, is one of the easiest things to do and as well the best thing to secure your phone from unauthorized access. It makes your phone more secure, as no one will be able to access your phone, without knowing the exact pattern lock password you have setup.

How To Set Lock Screen Password Pattern on Galaxy S4

1. From your Home Screen, tap the Settings App.

2. In the Settings Menu, tap the ‘My Device’ tab.

3. Under My Device, you’ll see the personalization, you will find the ‘Lock Screen’.

4. Tap on the lock screen then Screen Lock, Here you’ll find the following options:

  • Swipe (Simple just swipe your screen to unlock your device)
  • Face Unlock (It is also called Face Recognition Lock Screen Password, what happens here, it will take a photo of your face using the front camera, so whenever it recognizes your face, it will automatically unlock your device)
  • Face and Voice (Same as the Face Unlock but with the voice recognition ability).
  • Pattern (the most suitable and stylish way to secure your Galaxy S4)
  • PIN (The old method, to secure your Android device)
  • Password
  • None

5. As we’re now interested in the pattern, so tap on Pattern and tire setup your pattern for the lock screen. It will also give you the option to setup a Backup PIN code, so if in case you forget your pattern password, you’ll be able to access your Galaxy S4 using the Backup PIN Code.


Securing your Android device is something really easy, but you need to remember your lock screen patterns as well the Backup PIN Code. If you forget your Passcode as well the Backup PIN code, then you use our this tutorial to Unlock your Android device.

How to Unlock the Forgotton Lock Screen Pattern Password on Android

Hopefully you’ve found this basic tutorial useful, for more Android tips and tricks, stay tuned to Android Central.

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