Android Guide : How to Uninstall and Remove Apps

Google Play Store, is full of millions of Apps for your Android device and above all, Everyday, new several apps are added for Android devices. You may have many apps installed on your device and might want to remove or Uninstall previously installed apps on your device to replace it with new apps. If you’re beginner on Android, you may find it difficult, How to Uninstall and Remove apps from your Android Phone or Tablet, I will here, guide you step by step, how to do it.

There are almost 3 ways to remove or uninstall Apps from your Android device, and one by one, I will go through each method, to show you, how easily you can uninstall apps.

Method 1 – Uninstalling using Android Market

It is the easiest and most reliable method, to uninstall or remove apps from your device. Follow the instructions, and learn how to do it.

1. Open Android Market (Play Store) App on your Android device.

2. Now in the App, navigate Settings->>My Apps.

Uninstalling Apps from Android

3. Here you’ll find the list of Apps, installed on your device with the Open and Uninstall options, So if you wish to Uninstall any App, just hit the Uninstall Option and it will be removed from your device.

Method 2. Uninstalling Apps Using the Android Applications Settings

If for some reasons, you might find the above method, unreliable, you can try out this method, to uninstall apps from your device.

1. From your Android Phone or Tablet, Go to Settings App.

2. Now further, Navigate Applications tab then Manage Applications.

3. In the manage tab, You’ll find the list of all installed apps on your device, just tap on the app you want Uninstall and you’ll see the Uninstall Option, as you can see in below image;

4. Your app is now Uninstalled and has been removed from your device.

Method 3 – Uninstalling Apps from Safe Mode

You can also Uninstall Apps from your Android phone or tablet device, When you reboot it into Safe Mode. Personally I would not recommend this method, as first you’ll have to enter Safe Mode, usingĀ  some key combinations, I have posted a guide on How to Reboot Android Phone or Tablet into Safe Mode.

You can follow the guide on, how to to Enter safe mode, and then like before you will be able to uninstall, any app, you wish to.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article useful, and may have proved to be useful for you, let us know in the comment, how it went for you, You can also use the sharing buttons, at the bottom to spread our content on social media.

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