How to Reboot Android Device into Safe Mode

If you have been using Windows, then most likely you would be familiar with Safe Mode, in safe mode your system, disables access to all 3rd party applications, letting you to troubleshoot problems arising with your system, the errors usually are occurring by unexpected power cut or so many other reasons.

Android OS is one of the best mobile OS, but then like windows, there are also some issues arise, due to OS bugs or Apps installed on your Android device. Thanks, to the Android developers, who put in the option of Safe Mode, which is a great tool to determine or troubleshoot problems and errors occurring on your device. When in Safe mode on your Android, you’ll only able to see the default or stock apps that comes with the Android OS, other your Home Screen Widgets, 3rd Party applications will be disabled, So, if you did not experience the error in Safe Mode, it means that there is no problem with your device, but there might be some apps causing the errors, for that the best thing is that, first of all, check out the most recent apps you have installed on your device, for sure, it will help you a lot to figure out bugs causing errors on your device.

I will guide you, how to boot your Android phone or tablet device into Safe Mode, but definitely there are several Android devices or differ OS, due to this there are two different methods, which let your device into Safe mode.

Instructions to Boot into Safe Mode on Most  Android Jellybean Devices

Step 1. First of all, hit the Power-Off Button your Android device.

Step 2. Now long press or tap the Power-Off options from the menu.

Android - Device Options

Step 3. You’ll then be prompted, asking you to Reboot in Safe Mode.

Reboot to Safe Mode

Step 4. Just tap the ‘OKoption to reboot your Android device into Safe Mode.

That’s it, By following the above instructions, your Jellybean Android device, should have been in Safe Mode, However in some cases, the New Jellybean devices like Galaxy S4 or HTC One do not boot into safe mode using the above instructions, for that follow the below instructions to reboot older versions of Android devices into Safe Mode.

Step 1. Now this time Switch-Off your device completely.

Step 2. Once it is completely turned-off, again Switch it ON, using the power button.

Step 3. Now wake up, and notice when your phone boot up, Hold the Volume Up/Down button at the same time, until your phone reboots.

(Note: If in case, it does not work, hold the menu button, instead of Volume Up/Down buttons).

Step 4. Now when your phone reboots, you will notice the ‘Safe Mode‘ at the right bottom corner of your screen.

In Safe Mode on your Android device, You won’t have the third party apps installed in on your device, which lets you to Uninstall, any app you would like to, with that additionally you can also backup your data if you want and also a Factory Reset your device.

How to turn off Safe mode

While you learned how easy it is to enable or reboot your phone into Safe mode but I have received messages from a number of users having issues to exit safe mode.

It is very easy to turn off, just by simply rebooting your device, however if for some reasons that is not working for you. Follow the step-by-step guide to turn off safe mode.

Hopefully, this guide, has helped you, in getting into Safe Mode on your Android phone or tablet. Let us also help to grow and share our content wider using the Sharing buttons.


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  1. This works for one of my tablets. The older one, it doesn’t work at all. Long pressing the power button just gives the option to shut down or cancel. There’s one rocker button for the volume up/down and neither does anything here. There’s no physical menu button. Any other way?

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