How to Root Verizon Galaxy S5

Finally, the Verizon variant of Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rooted. You can easily get rooted within a few seconds. The AT&T and Verizon users of Galaxy S5 have waited so long for this moment, but finally, the working root method has arrived. Thanks to the recognized developer GEOHOT, who has released a tool which can easily root your Verizon version of Galaxy S5. He has already confirmed on the Xda forum.

If you were anxiously waiting for the root method, here is the exact step-by-step procedure on how to get root access using the tool called towelroot.

Rooting your phone does voids warranty and therefore proceed at your own risk.

Root Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V

  • First, download the latest version of the towelroot app from HERE.
  • Connect your Galaxy S5 to PC via the USB cable and Copy the apk file.
  • Go to Settings > Security and check the Unknown Sources.
  • Now navigate to the storage directory where you’ve placed the apk file.
  • Install it.
  • Launch the towelroot app.

towelroot - root for verizon galaxy s5

  • Tap on the make it ra1n.
  • Wait for the rooting process to complete. When done, your phone will automatically reboot.
  • To install SuperSU app which grants root permission to your device. Download it from HERE.
  • Unzip the folder and copy the Superuser.apk from the Common folder to your phone.
  • Just like the other apk file, install it.
  • That’s it; you’ve now successfully rooted the Verizon Galaxy S5.
  • To verify root access, you can also install the Root Checker app from the Google Play Store.
  • Also, do not forget to update the SuperSU binary from the Play Store.
  • Congratulations!! Your Verizon Galaxy S5 has successfully been rooted.

Finally thanks to the legendary Xda developer Geohot who has developed the easiest way to get rooted. You can also donate him at the through PayPal. Do not forget to share your experience in the comment section below. For more rooting tutorials keep visiting.

Via Xda

  • startrek

    Doesn’t work on my SM-G900V

    • William Toney


    • Eric Chagnon

      I have the same phone, and it does not work also? If you find a way that works could you mail me? and If i find a way I’ll do the same…

    • echojhawke

      same 🙁 I was so excited when I saw “Confirmed Galaxy s5 Verizon”

    • Masum

      doesn’t work I agree.

  • No longer works.

  • Eric Chagnon

    No Longer works. Verizon Security Blocks..

  • cfcgasman

    Verified this method is no longer working on the Verizon phones.. Strange why they blocked it with the recent security updates even after the phone are officially unlocked by the carriers now.. Hoping for a fix soon..

    • Peter_M67

      What about doing a factory reset on the phone, put the phone in airplane mode so that it can’t update, and then trying again?

      • cfcgasman

        That’s a good suggestion.. but I’m not sure that after a factory reset, are the OTC updates also erased?
        Also, I was wondering like for HTC One M8, there is a Viper ROM that does OTC updates as well, is there a similar type of ROM for Samsung S5?

        • Peter_M67

          If you mean OTA updates (over the air), I am pretty sure that they are erased, but if your goal is to root, you could install the most current version which would include any OTA’s.

          • Brian Jemail

            NOPE . This DOES NOT WORK on Verizon Galaxy S5. People really need to know this. Factory restore gets you the old kernel and you are able to patch. But then what… Android 4.X. I loose my Google Inbox and the Google Now launcher I really got used to.

            Many of the ROMs out there for Android 5.x kill your camera or GPS or truly make your WiFi buggy a hell.

            Bottom line is that for the Verizon SM-G900V, this is useless.

            I know… Android segmentation is making this whole rooting thins harder across the board. But the Bloatware on the Verizon S5 is horrible and I trully with i could root this one.

  • xiromisho

    I can also confirm that big red has put the hammer down on this… I’d say “Not sure why” but the only reason I want to get rid of it is to pull ALL of the VZ crap running in the background off… so… yeah, doesn’t shock me that they want to keep it there. I’m sure someone will crack it soon enough. More money wasted by VZ in a futile attempt to stop hackers… someday a company is going to learn that DRM is a really good way to lose a lot of money and get no ROI.

  • Snake Doc

    Does not work with my SM-G900V. Android Version 4.4.4 Error message says: There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is aproblem. Need to manually re-root.. Any ideas?

  • dikbutt

    verizon is fucking gay

  • Rho

    does anyone know if it works now or if its still being blocked, i would like my write permission back for viewing my pics or listening to my music on my ext-sdcard

  • BRC303

    Has this jailbreak been fixed to root verizon phones again? I’m nearing upgrade time but need rootness. thx

  • swigalicous

    It says, “This phone isn’t currently supported” I thought this worked

  • NightClient

    The only way it works now is if you downgrade the kernel using odin 3 and root it with towel root, then upgrade the kernel again using odin. The latest kernel for all devices released after September is un root able

    • Michael Fogassy

      this is the only way to do this. if you choose to ignore this, you can enjoy life with your bloatware

      • rluebke1984

        Can you downgrade the kernel if we are already on 6.0.1? Hopefully someone will be able to answer this being as this is an old post

  • Simone Denchen Lhamo

    not mine either 🙁 same phone

  • marlon61_2

    I’ve been using this on my Verizon Note 3 since the day it came out.

    I only got around to installing this on my wife’s phone today and sadly it doesn’t work on her Verizon S5 SM-G900V running Android 4.4.4.

    It has been happily working on my Verizon Note 3 running 4.4.2

  • John Davis Jr.

    Does not work on my Verizon samsung galaxy s5 sm- g900v

  • brian

    Wow it tells me it’s male are everything I try to download it… I wonder why

  • Good Luck

    My virus scanner keeps telling me the file has a Trojan in it. Also, does rooting work or not work on the Verizon G900V? The site says yes, but I can’t get it to work then later I see that Verizon is “waiting for Root?” What gives, either it does or doesn’t work. I’ll go elsewhere.

  • dante

    “this phone isn’t currently supported”?
    Samsung Galaxy S5 G900V

  • Kelleris

    This does not work any more. Perhaps VZW or Samsung updated something?

  • Johnny Jensen

    As already posted… this doesn’t work on my Verizon based S5

  • DaNinjaSmurf

    So any updates as to the progress of the root? I have my device on 4.4.4 and it says it isn’t supported….

    • Jon Jorstad

      switch to 4.4.2

  • Jon Jorstad

    It just worked fine on mine SM-G900V AV:4.4.2

    • Jon Jorstad


  • Jon Jorstad

    There you go

  • Masum

    I don’t mind donating but where is the download link. I’m trying to fix my wi-fi issue. Hoping this will cut through an code that’s blocking my wi-fi from turning on.

  • sdfjadsfj

    It isn’t difficult to root, i have a search on Google and found a professional rooting tool, like AnyRooter, it allow me to root my Samsung s5 with safety steps,without any risk, and it can help me to unlock the potential of the android operating systems ,also ,i have upgraded or installed anew APP, it works nick,if you need you can use Google to search,

  • Damon P Simonds

    towel root doesnt support my phone and its samsung s5 verizon netowrk

  • Randy Weaver

    Did not work on my smg900v running marshmallow 6.0 only wasted 5 minutes of my time glad I did not donate

  • Scorpionfury

    STILL doesn’t work for Verizon Galaxy S5 SM-G900V phones! UGH!

  • Ryan Woodward

    Big surprise, doesn’t work. Delete this page. Full of misinformation and malware.

  • Damiana De’Mon Rhoades

    Didn’t work on mine. All I got was “This phone isn’t currently supported.” What gives? Verizon S5. Been waiting forever to root this thing too and now it doesn’t work. I’m a little crushed.