How to Root Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 on 4.4.2 KitKat

Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100

Recently Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100 received the official KitKat 4.4.2 update via OTA. We also posted a guide on how to manually update Galaxy Note 8.0 using Odin. Now if you’ve updated your phone to 4.4.2 KitKat, then follow this quick step-by-step guide to root Galaxy Note 8.0 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat using the CF-Root procedure.

Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100
  • CF-Root package:
  • Odin3 tool is required but that is included in the cf-auto-root package.
  • Install Samsung Kies or USB drivers on your PC.
  • Go to Settings > Developers Options and enable USB debugging.
  • Charge your tablet battery to at least 50%.
  • Last but not the least, Carefully read and follow the instructions to safely and successfully root your tablet.

 How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Step 1: First of all, extract the a new folder on your desktop:


Step 2: Now from the extracted folder run Odin3-v3.o7 application on your PC.

Step 3: Reboot your Note 8 into Download Mode:

  • Turn Off.
  • Press and Hold down the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons at the same time till you see a warning on your screen.
  • Further hit the Volume Up button to continue.

Step 4: Connect your device to PC via the USB data cable. Just make sure that Odin3 detects your device.

Step 5: Finally click the PDA button and from the extracted folder select the CF-Rooted kernel file:


Step 6: Click on the START to flash the kernel.

Step 7:  Within a few seconds your Galaxy Note 8.0 will be rooted. Odin will notify you via the PASS!! message and note will automatically reboots.

Step 8: Check that SuperSU has been installed. To verify root access, Open Google Play Store app on your phone and install “Root Checker“.

Congratulations!! Your Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi has successfully been rooted running Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Feel free to ask for further support, if you get stuck at any step. For more working tutorials keep visiting.

  • mah

    not working, after all those step
    supersu installed but not worked

    • The purpose of rooting through this method is to install the stock recovery and SuperSU and when you that it has been installed then I am not sure what is the problem and what is not working for you? Install the Root Checker app from Google Play Store to verify to the root access.

      • nope. it didnt work
        tried it, su installed, but then when starting, it gave the msg “unfortunately, supersu has stopped”
        and root checker said “this device does not have root access”

        • Install SuperSU from Google Play Store, this should fix the issue…

          • yup. have figured it out this morning.
            not install, but update supersu from google playstore and the root successed.
            u should add the step on ur tutorial.

          • Squale

            Tried to install SuperSu from Play Store, but only gives me option to “Open” it. How do I uninstall the old one in order to update the new one?

          • SheepOverflow

            Ditto. Same problem. Odin passes. SuperSU crashes. No update option in Play Store.

          • William J Wilson

            Same issue here. I can not uninstall it (SuperSu). I can’t update it. The version that installed is the latest version. And I am still getting the error! Help?

          • MaDO NeSo

            go to my first reply to find the solution

        • MaDO NeSo

          look at first reply

    • This method 100% works and has been tested and confirmed…

    • same here

      • MaDO NeSo

        look at my first reply

    • MaDO NeSo

      after rebooting.

      1-Update SuperSu by using aptoide app.
      2-Turn off SuperSu.
      3-Reboot your device.
      4- Turn ON SuperSu.
      5-Install Updates.
      6.Choose NORMAL after start SuperSu.

      congratulations,Your Note 8 Has been ROOTED.
      works for me 100%

      • Mohamed Fadl

        thank you buddy, you saved my life (y)

  • Bazgan Bogdan

    doesn’t work on note 8.0 gt-n5100 3g kitkat 4.4.2 XEO poland, it doesn’t root !!!

  • Vaughn Hochhalter

    The big question is will it trip the Knox warranty bit?

    • Yeah it will.

      • Vaughn Hochhalter

        I’m still under warranty until October, looks like I’ll have to find another method or just wait until then.

  • abdi

    anyone try this to root latest kitkat update? DNE2 series built June 2

  • SheepOverflow

    The article’s method installs SuperSU 2.01, and didn’t allow for update in the Play Store or via sideloading/Odin/recovery.

    This fixed the SuperSU Crash for me (using 4.4.2)
    1) Download TWRP (make sure you get the right build for your tab, N5100, N5110, etc)
    2) Power Off
    3) Boot to download mode (Power+Vol Down+Home), then press Vol Up
    4) Start Odin (I used 3.09)
    5) Load TWRP into the Odin’s AP slot (don’t unzip TWRP)
    6) Connect the tablet and wait for connection in Odin
    7) Leave default settings, click Start, and wait for reboot
    8) Download SuperSU 2.02 update zip and move it to your tablet
    9) Reboot into recovery (Power+Vol Up+Home)
    10) Install SuperSU 2.02
    11) Reboot, start SuperSU, disable Knox, and check for root

    • Neo Alison

      you’r the best man even though I was dead slow but ur method saved me 😉
      cheerio and keep on Rockin

  • Neo Alison

    I have a problem with Google play store app in my device, after I reset my Device to factory states when I want to enter the Google play store and it asks for existing or new account and I enter my existing account there comes an error which says can’t establish a reliable connection to the server !!! what should I do ?? please include all the things which can solve this error
    Thanks in advance

    • jodhua

      You can download aptoide from google just by typeing aptoide and installing it

  • Neo Alison

    after root and reboot it says unfortunately SuperSu has stopped
    what should be done ???

  • Chinta Ques

    Hello Can Anybody Help…Is This Work For All Note 8.0 N5100

  • AirGixXGameur

    tanks !! 😀 my android is rooted !!!

  • peekeje

    I was trying to use the AllinOne tool with ODIn to instal Recovery and Root on my Note8.

    Successully installed the TWRP but while installing SuperSU, and updated it thru Play store – it didnt opened….saying Binary not installed.

    Then i came to know, my Note is having Version 4.4.2, not 4.2.2

    Now please let me know, Can i use CF-Auto for rooting my device (running TWRP, not Stock Recovery).

    I want to keep the TWRP as want to keep the Nandroid backup etc.

    Pls help