How to Root Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5

XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire has released CF-Root for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can now safely and easily gain root access. In order root your Sprint Galaxy S5, follow this step by step rooting guide. CF-Root is currently the only and safe rooting procedure to get root access on this variant of Galaxy S5 and this method will Trip Samsung Knox Security. If you want to be of the early person to root sprint galaxy s5 then follow the instructions below and get started.

Rooting Sprint Galaxy S5

Root at your own risk! Rooting/Modifying your phone OS always involves a risk of bricking your phone, if not used the right way. We AndroidCentral.US and the Developer shall not be held responsible. Also note that Rooting your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 will voids warranty and trips Knox security.

Requirements and Guidelines:

  • Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900P with USB data cable.
  • A windows based PC.
  • It is recommended that before rooting your phone, make a full backup of your important data stored on your phone storage.
  • Enable ‘USB Debugging’ from phone Settings>Developers Options.
  • Make sure you’ve got good enough battery charge on your device, 60% would be fine.
  • Also install Samsung USB Drivers or Samsung Kies.(if you do not have Kies in your PC simply grab the Samsung USB Drivers from HERE.
  • CF-AUTO-ROOT-PACKAGE for Sprint Galaxy S5 Download From HERE.

How to Root Spring Galaxy S5 (SM-G900P) Using CF-Root

Step 1: First download the required packages to your PC and unzip the files to a suitable location.

Step 2: Run Odin3 v3.07.

Step 3: Reboot your Galaxy S5 into ‘Download Mode’ using the steps explained below:

  • Power off
  • Holds the Volume Down+Menu+Power buttons for a few seconds till you see a warning message on the screen.
  • Hit the Volume Up key to continue.

Step 4: Connect your Galaxy S5 to PC via the USB data cable and check that Odin3 detects your device.

Step 5: Click on the ‘PDA’ button and select the tar.md5 rooted kernel file from the unzipped folder.

Step 6: Next, Click the ‘Start’ button to flash the cf-root package on Sprint GS5 which will ultimately install SuperSU app.

Step 7: Wait for a while, Once it completes, Odin3 will notify you via the PASS!! message and your phone will automatically reboots.

Step 8: That’s it! Now once your phone reboots, Check that SuperSU has been installed. Open Google Play Store, search for ‘Root Checker’ App, install it and launch to verify to root access.

Congratulations!! Your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 has successfully been Rooted on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. To install ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery, follow the procedure Over Here.

You can now enjoy Full root access and install Apps from Google Play Store which requires root access and If you really want to tasted something different, then install Custom Recovery to install Custom Android OS (ROMs) to customize and improve the performance of your device. Developers are currently working on new ROMs, Tweaks, Kernels and Mods and hopefully we are soon going to see it, which is most of the time  is not possible without rooting. To get most out of your phone, we’ve also published Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks, you should know.

Do let us know and share your feedback in the comment section. If you do need further support, feel free to contact us. For more Android Rooting Tutorials, keep visiting. Your suggestions are most welcome. At last thanks to Chainfire for releasing the CF-Root for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5, without this it was not possible and he made it possible to root your phone.

  • Brittany

    I have done the steps each time precisely, and every time my phone disconnects before passing. Please help

    • There might be something wrong with your USB cable.. or Drivers..

  • Blake Dirks

    Works! Just tried less than 30 min ago and my Sprint Samsung galaxy s5 is now rooted! Thank you chainfire and Imran for this tutorial!

    • Glad to see it worked for you 🙂 Happy rooting..

      • britt

        Is there a new root available to bypass the latest android software updates?

  • tony5664

    phone is not rebooting gets stuck on download mode even after retrying root

    • Using the stock recovery, Factory reset your phone and it should work fine and then try again.

  • HLobe

    do you know how to unlock the sprint galaxy s5 for intl use without going through sprint or how to get the “unlock code prompt” that would enable me to enter an unlock code when I insert a non accepted sim card in my sprint galaxy s5?

    • Yeah it can be ulocked but it will costs you around $50/60. If you’re interested let me know.

  • Alex

    if I root my phone, can I use it for GSM mode for At&t?

    • I don’t think so! Rooting has nothing to do with the network or carrier.

      • Alex

        Thanks for replying, is there anyway I can unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 sprint to use it with At&t or in particular outside of USA as GSM ?

        • Send us your IMEI through our Facebook page and I will let you know.

  • Raf (Ŧ)

    Will this work for the Galaxy S5 from Virgin Mobile?

    • Use the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 method and it should work fine. Do let me know.

      • joe

        sir i have a sprint galaxy s5 and when i followed the above root process it went all the way through in odin and said pass but now it wont go off of the boot screen. if you could help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated

        • Tony Villarreal

          Did you get an answer?

  • Abe

    If u root and need to service it. U just factory reset and its back to being not rooted?

  • Ray Phillips

    What are the consequences of rooting my S5??

  • dj

    will this work on the sprint sport edition. model number sm-g860p

    • Dark Penguin

      Probably not; you really need to use a file for your exact S5 variant and also make sure it’s the correct one for your country or region. For the purposes of rooting and customization the several S5 variants should be regarded as distinct devices.

      • Bruce Melrose

        Hey will this work on my samsung galaxy s5 sm g900p running on 5.0 lollipop its boost mobile but i believe boost is from sprint

        • Harry

          I would like to know how this worked out for you???
          I am on an HTC EVO-4G (Sprint-CDMA/WIMAX) that I have had for 7 years that about a year ago I flashed to Boost. I was looking to upgrade so I can have 4G-LTE, Visual Voice Mail and WIFI Hotspot after rooting it. Also do you know and can provide a link to a ROM that has these features hacked???

  • Devon

    Any reason not to root my Sprint S5 before taking it to the store to activate? I’d like to have it rooted and ready to go.

  • dimitri johnson

    can anyone tell me how to unlock my galaxy s5 g900p.04 to all networks? you can also answer me at

  • Diana Cavender

    Rooted Sprint s5 but foxfi still initiates, “You are not subscribed to the Hotspot service. Do you want to see subscription options?”
    Any advice

  • John Pavao

    My S5 won’t reboot after trying to root. I get this message. “recovery booting, recovery is not seandroid enforcing, set warranty bit: recovery.

    • joe

      did you ever figure anything out on this john pavao

      • John Pavao

        No I didn’t. Do you have a solution?

        • Tony Villarreal

          any solution?

          • ty bappe

            Mine has done the exact same thing, thanks for bricking my phone android central

          • Josh Ford

            I know these posts are old but I had the same problem and was able to resolve it. Use Odin to flash your phone with the stock rom. Just google for your phones version. Then run Odin the same way you did when u tried to root but use the stock rom. Worked for me. Good luck.

    • Ryan W.

      Same here

    • Malik

      aye just hold down+home+power then use odin to reset it to stock firmware then you should be good i did this with my phone and it erased the root bug/glitch or watever it is

  • Warren Wilson

    This method no longer works if you have the NE5 Build

    • Dusty Thompson

      What method works if you have NE5 then?

  • Katie Cummins

    phone won’t reboot after I received the PASS on odin

    • joe

      did you ever figure anything out on this katie cummins

  • joe

    my phone will not go off of the recovery booting screen

  • joe

    and i cant do anything with it?!?

  • Matt Allen

    THIS IS NOT WORKING WONT GO PAST RECOVERY BOOT SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tony Villarreal

      Did you get it to work?

    • John

      Is you phone 4.4.2?

      • Malik

        mine is and its still not working right so i just stock firmwared it

  • Majestyk007

    Thanks for fucking up my phone

    • Tony Villarreal

      Did you get it fixed?

      • Majestyk007

        Yeah, sorry, I was pissed. Used Odin 3.07 to flash stock android 5.0, then flashed cm12…

  • Brittani Murphy

    I am stuck on recovery booting…. “recovery is not seandroid enforcing, set waranty bit : recovery” Please help me 🙁

  • Austin Jones

    People you have to make sure you are running 4.4.2 not 4.4.4 or your phone WILL brick

    • Bruce Melrose

      Hey will this work on my samsung galaxy s5 sm g900p running on 5.0 lollipop its boost mobile but i believe boost is from sprint.

      • No it won’t.

        • Bruce Melrose

          How do i succesfully root my phone then?

          • Well you can downgrade back to kitkat and use the same root tutorial and it should work fine.

        • Harry

          How would you downgrade a newly purchased Boost phone to KitKat??? Then after Root/Custom Recovery could you upgrade to newer ROM versions???

  • Manuel Garcia Jr

    Will this work for software version G900PVPU1BOA6?

  • Andrew Gulak

    Anyone know the latest file for the 5.0 Spring update? Looking to reroot now that it’s updated. Thanks.

  • Andrew Cruz

    Will this work with Andriod 5.0 Lollipop?

  • Jason Fay

    Anyone know if this has changed with the US release of Lollipop?

  • Noxferuz

    this shit brick my s5, tanks!

  • kenneth Villafana

    the odin wont detect my phone on every usb cable i have please help

  • Lg Tu Mai

    missing boot

  • dadzilla

    Step 1: First download the required packages to your PC and unzip the files to a suitable location.

    Great… how about a clue for the clueless. This isn’t a guide, it’s a teaser.

  • Miguel Flores

    hi, will this work for my S5 running on 6.0.1 mashmallow?

  • Jason Alexander

    what about on marshmallow 6.0.1???