Root and Flash CWM Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S4 on Android 4.3

In the Recent month, Sprint Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720) received Android 4.3 VPUEMJA Firmware Update. Hopefully many of you, would have received the update and your Sprint Galaxy S4 should now be running on Android 4.3 VPUEMJA firmware. You should know that by installing the official firmware you’ll loose root access and there are many who still want to Root Sprint Galaxy S4, so that they have more power and authority on their device to optimize its performance and customize their OS through Custom ROMs.

If you’ve made up your mind to get root access on your Galaxy S4, then follow the step by step instructions to safely and successfully Root and install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Galaxy S4 SPH-L720.

Guidelines and Requirements:

1. Warning!! Rooting will void your phone warranty, so be sure you’re agree and happy with it.

2. Rooting does not wipe or erases data on your phone memory but then it is highly recommended to Backup your phone data.

3. Also Enable USB Debugging on your Sprint GS4:

– Settings->Developers Options->USB Debugging.

– If you’re unable to find Developers options within the Settings tab, then go to About Phone, and tap the Build Number for about 7 times and it should be enabled now.

4. Be sure you’ve got enough battery charge on your phone, so that your does not shutdown during the root process.

5. Proceed at your own risk.


1. Click Here to Download CF-Root Package for Sprint Galaxy S4.

2. Click Here to Download Odin.

3. Click Here to Download ClockworkMod Recovery image for Sprint Galaxy S4.

4. Click Here to Download Samsung USB Drivers. ( Leave this file, if you’ve already installed the Kies or USB Drivers).

How to Root Sprint Galaxy S4 Running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean VPUEMJA Firmware Using CF-Root

1. At first make sure you’ve already installed the USB Drivers on your PC. Then extract the CF-Root and Odin package on your desktop.

2. Now Run Odin and Reboot your phone into Download Mode:

– Turn Off your phone.

– Press and Hold the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons at the same time, till you see a warning message on your screen.

-After then just hit the Volume Up button and you’re done.

3. Next, While in download mode, Connect your Sprint GS4 to PC via the USB Cable, and make sure Odin has recognized your GS4, the ID:COM port will either turn blue or yellow and you’ll also notice the Added!! in the message section of Odin. Otherwise reinstall the USB drivers.

4. In the Odin Menu, Make Sure that the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time, is checked and rest leave the default settings.

5. Now hit the PDA button and select the tar.md5 file from the CF-Auto Root zip package.

6. Finally wait for Odin to install the Root exploit on your Sprint GS4, once it gets completed, Odin will notify you via the PASS!! Message and during this your phone will automatically reboots.

7. Now check that SuperSU App, which should be installed on your phone, If in any case it is not installed, then head over to Google Play Store and search for ‘SuperSU’, install it from there.

You also need to verify root access on your phone, on the Play Store, search for ‘Root Checker’, and install it to verify Root Access on Sprint Galaxy S4.

That’s it folks, You’ve just got Root access on your GS4, Now follow the below instructions, to install the Custom Recovery, here in this case, we are going to install the ClockworkMod Recovery.

How to Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S4

1. Now just like before, as you did above, Run the Odin application.

2. Reboot your Galaxy S4 into Download Mode.

3. Hit the PDA button and browse the ‘sph-l720-recovery.tar.md5‘ and hit the START button.

4. Finally just wait for Odin to completely flash the ClockworkMod Recovery. When it gets completed, You should see a PASS!! Message on Odin screen and your phone will Reboots.

That is how you can Root and Install the CWM Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S4. Hopefully on your side everything went up smooth and perfect. If in any case, you’re still confused at any step or have queries, do let us know in the comment section. For more Tutorials and Updates, Do not forget to visit us back.

  • Anthony

    when i attempt to do the last step, installing the CWM. On Odin my phone is recigonized fine but when i hit PDA and try to load the sph-L720-recovery.tar.md5 file the Odin message says

    OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
    OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    OSM> Please wait..
    OSM> MD5 hash value is invalid
    OSM> sph-l720-recovery.tar.md5 is invalid.
    OSM> End…

    • Hey Anthony, is it working now?

      • Anthony

        not sure… how would i know if that last step (installing the CWM) went through?

        • Try to boot it into CWM Recovery by Pressing and Holding the Volume Up+Home+Power buttons all together at the same time, if it boots into Recovery Mode, it means you’ve successfully installed the Custom Recovery. Just check it and let me know!!

          • Lisa Campbell

            I was having the same issue and I tried what he said, and it didn’t work

          • Anthony

            works, thanks!

  • Mike

    F. Reset Time is not checked, and it won’t let me check it…now what?

    • What version of Odin you’re using?

      • Lisa Campbell

        That happened to me when I used the older version. it worked on the newer version. Now I’m having trouble doing the recovery install too..

        • Don’t worry Lisa, Just install the ROM Manager from Google Play Store and through that flash the ClockworkMod Recovery. Hopefully this works for you and don’t forget to let me know 🙂

          • Daniel Oquendo

            i have tried to do as you stated in the instructions and i still am not rooted… i have sprint gs4

          • Can tell me exactly what happened and Android OS? If SuperSU has not been installed, You can also install it from Google Play Store. Do let me know!!

  • Daniel

    i tried to do it odin 3.0 and 1.85. 3.0 kept saying something about an image and the 1.85 said the same thing as it did for anothony

    • I think so there is a problem with recovery image file, Just install the ROM Manager from Google Play Store and through that flash the ClockworkMod Recovery.

      • Daniel

        my phone isn’t rooted and i don’t know where to get a clockwork mod recovery even though it says that i paid for one, and rom manager isn’t working because it needs root access

        • I thought you’ve got root access!! First Using the Odin flash the CF-Auto-Root package and then try to install ClockworkMod Recovery. Follow the instructions as stated above in the tutorial and this time it should be working for you!!

          • Daniel

            how do you flash the cf auto root?

          • Daniel detailed Instructions are already given above in the tutorial 😛

          • Daniel

            ok now i get a write operation failed prompt
            what now guru of root?

          • Daniel

            i say guru of root as a compliment not an insult

          • If its not working for you then downgrade your firmware and look for another root tutorial, that should work for you, if you really need Root Access.

          • Daniel

            How would I downgrade my Android I thought you needed root for that

          • Hey, Daniel I think you’re confused, You actually don’t know, what you’re doing, if i am not wrong!! I always recommends my readers, that do not play with your device, if you don’t know, what you’re actually doing. If you’re not rooted and on stock firmware then there is no need to do anything, you’re fine.

  • tombufton

    this wont wipe data or apps?

    • I have already stated, It will not wipe data but then as a precaution, if you want you can backup your important data, but it is not compulsory!!

      • Imran, I tried every step listed here but unfortunately the CF root file comes back as fail… I tried odin 1.85, 3.04, 3.07, 3.09… And the recovery file says “invalid”… I also tried installing rom manager and flashing cwm in it but it also gives an error… Is there any other step to take?

        • I think so the file may be corrupted/damaged, so at first download again the rooting package. However if you face the same error then try to do the following troubleshooting:
          -Must run Odin as administrator in Windows.
          -Ensure Kies & it’s processes aren’t running in Windows task manager. Kill them if they are.
          -Try different USB ports; you must be using a ‘powered’ or mainboard port.
          -Try different USB cables (particularly the cable that came with the phone if you’re not using it now)
          -Try different versions of Odin (try V1.3 given you’ve tried the other two)
          -Uninstall Kies, reboot, redownload & reinstall it, reboot, try the flash again.

  • Pete

    these instructions are a little wonky but the root file is all I mainly needed for my Sprint S4 with 4.3. I would get rid of the md5 file extensions and use tar. Also, the version of odin included does now allow you to check F. Reset Time. I imagine it’s something in the INI file but I just downloaded a odin from some other site. Thanks!

  • perpetualwar

    Rooted with no problems.
    Drop the .md5 file extension to flash CWM.
    Thanks for the info guys!

  • eapkipa

    how about the previous data ?
    i mean that how about the previously installed apps or games ?
    are they going to be deleted ?

    • No Rooting does not wipe or erases data on your device unless you do it urself.

  • sharif